Micro-trenching is the process of creating a slot in the groundwork of an existing hardscape to create a path or trench for the installation of conduit and use of fibre optic cable lines. Micro-trenching is a low-impact deployment methodology in which fibre and conduit are inserted into a slot-cut trench between ¾ to 2 inches wide and between 6 TO 12 inches deep – without damaging or disrupting existing infrastructure.

How does micro-trenching work?

Micro-trenching techniques make cuts that are approximately two inches wide to a predetermined engineered depth (per location). This engineered system provides for the proper installation of the conduit using diamond-tipped saw blades, which allow efficient cuts through asphalt and concrete. After the cut is made, we place the conduit in the cut and back-fill it with sand and a backer rod. The road or hardscape is then restored to its original condition.

Why choose micro-trenching?

Conventional trenching techniques include ripping up the road or sidewalk then the excavation and laying of conduits through which fiber optic cables are fed. This procedure and the restoration of the road will take certain period of time and has a significant impact on the community/environment. Heavy machinery, road closures, extensive labor hours, and weather delays are all common problems associated with conventional trenching. Unlike conventional methods, micro-trenching is an environmentally friendly procedure that is efficient, fast, incurs minimal inconvenience to the community, and produces aesthetically pleasing end results. Micro-trenching supports positive relations with the affected community, ensures satisfied customers benefiting from your expanded network.

Comparison of Micro-trenching VS Conventional Trenching

Micro Trenching uses a narrow cut and which restores easily.
Open cut trenching
Open Cut Trenching requires major excavation and restoration.


Comparison of Micro-trenching VS Mini Trenching

Micro-trenching is clean and less disruptive.
Mini trenching leaves a wide trench with debris.


Sample video of Micro-trenching Activity