About Us

LIVAN TRADE CORPORATION, a private construction, importing, wholesaling and trading company and a member of Philippine Contractors Association, established on February 16, 1988 under SEC Reg. No. 148525, duly organized and existing under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines.

Considered to be one of the pioneering firms in the country in the field of both Construction and Trading, offering services for OSP, Water and Sewer works via OPEN-TRENCH using mechanized trencher, MICRO-TRENCHING and TRENCHLESS TECHNOLOGY such as Horizontal Directional Drilling, Plowing, Moling and various trenchless state-of-the-art methods which greatly enhanced the company’s objective for Efficiency and Cost effectiveness for its various underground and aerial utility works.

It has established as well the selling/retailing of wide range of construction equipments such as concrete mixer, vibrator, plate compactor, power trowel.

Its knowledge was improved through the years of hard work and dedication from different individuals who are well thought of team effort and organized planning.

The company consists of operating officers and technical staff with varied experiences in the field of construction. Their sense of teamwork and expertise assure the successful completion of the projects. The other important factors are the team’s practical approach to operating conditions, prudent weighing of alternatives and attention to details. These traits were perfected with the team’s operations both in urban and provincial project sites, where working conditions are harsh and far from ideal.

From inception to completion, projects are handled with sustained attention and deliberate moves. The full cycle starts with conceptualizing the project and defining the role of each team at every phase of the project. Realistic estimates are made for specified designs; finance and logistic management are efficiently carried-out; and more importantly, projects are strictly supervised until completion. Throughout the cycle of operations, LIVAN TRADE CORPORATION considers its well-motivated personnel as most essential in attaining the completion of all its projects.
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